Audiovisual performance - chdh - 2005-2008

" I tried to show how this kind of "gimlet" between the musical theory, thus a part of the music, and the theory of mathematics are rolled up one on the other."
Iannis Xenakis, 1976


Video extracts

live @ RIAM, Marseille // see in HD on vimeo


This performance offer a symbiosis between sound and image, where they complete each other until indivisibility. chdh creates a single universe, cold but organic, between visual arts and electronic music. Cubes, rectangles and others minimal geometric shapes become entangled in complex structures in a black and white environment with simples and precises sounds.

This project evokes a virtual world, composed of more or less autono- mous abstract creatures. The behavior of these audiovisual instruments is influenced in real time by two performers who make them live and re- act. These virtuals objects then generate data used for audio and video synthesis. Nothing is recorded.


After the development of the virtual objects, the project is concretized for events during which the two musicians plays with these instruments. These audio-visual objects does not speak without intervention, the members of chdh insufflate life and express themselves on their instru- ments to create an audiovisual show. The audience attends a movie projection created in real time by the two performers placed next to the screen.