Software edition + distributed performance - chdh - 2015

Usb release 233ex, digital download, distant live performance - AKA 13


A. Egregore software
B. Algorithm map
C. Source code
D. Open Models, text by Atau Tanaka

Adapted from the egregore performance 2011/2014.
Remotely played the 27 MAY 2015 21:00 CET.
Linux / OSX / Windows



"Egregore - source" is an adaptation of the software used by chdh for the performance egregore in 2011-2014. It is based on five different audiovisual instruments made of chaotic and physical modeling algorithms that you can directly control. They have been remotely controlled live by chdh the 27th may 2015. It is available as a software to download or as a usb stick.

Video extracts


Produced by ArtKillArt
with the support of Césaré / iMAL / HS63 / Dicréam / AFIM
Graphic design by Jean-Baptiste Parré
ltd. ed. 233 ex.