Flat Earth Society is a set of projects that uses the earth elevation data.
The height information is analogically transposed on various media.


12" vinyl discs- art of failure - 2008-2011

Earth to disk is a projects that uses the earth elevation data. The height informations of the globe are analogically transposed on a 12 inch record. A standard turntable can after that read this relief. The chain of the elevation data crossed during the playing is directly transposed into audible sound vibrations. By every rotation of the disk, we can recognize patterns corresponding to the relief of the crossed continents. The engraving of this elevation's information on the surface of the disk generates in consequence a subtle image of the earth. This image may remind us the representations that are proposed to us since the stellar exploration during the 60's, until today with applications like google-earth.


textile + motorized light installation - art of failure - 2011

Earth to Signal propose a slightly different cartography than the usual projections: it shows the reliefs of the planet translated into grey scales. This planisphere is free from the climatological, administrative or political considerations, it presents the earth topography in a raw and continuous manner. In a pitch black room, a laser pointer travels all over the map, translating the topographic variations into audible vibrations. This mechanism only let us see the terrestrial map by fragments, while immersing the listener in a sonic perception of the earth surface.