Repulsive devices choir- art of failure - 2009

In 2008, the Beethoven [1] Device causes the debate by proposing a very high frequency sound transmitter intended to bother and to disperse groups of teenagers with a behaviour considered ?antisocial?. The device targets the people younger than 25, the sound being inaudible for older persons.

This device is a simple extension of numerals ultra-sound repulsive that protects from "harmful" animals and insects. Beethoven uses the same technics, mechanism and even communication styles than these bugs repellers.

+4K bring together a chorus of electronic repulsives boxes under the form of a repulsive autonomous sculpture. All these devices, turned on intermittently, are used without any customisation. They generate a sound composition that plays with our auditory limits and exceeds, depending of everyone age and physiology, the range of our perception.

[1] Beethoven: is the French name of the Mosquito Device by Compound Security System