The chdh collective is founded in 2000 around the creation of a show combining juggling, sensors and electronic music. This work is evolving toward the study of the relations between behavior, images and sound, exploring in particular the possibilities offered by the software Pure Data and its graphics library Gem. For over 8 years, they create digital "audiovisual instruments": algorithms generating sound and image designed to be played live. Their performances are played by two instrumentalists, acting in real time on the combined evolution of sound and projected video.

During those years, their work is slowly moving towards the generation of complex behaviors and the creation of expressive movement through the development and use of physical modeling tools. This research crystallizes in a release on DVD in 2008: vivarium (arcadi / artkillart), which contains abstract videos works and software that allows to "replay" or modify them.

In 2011, they develops "égrégore", a new audiovisual performance project that explores group behaviors.

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egregore - source
. software edition. digital release + distributed performance

. av perf
. metamorphosis study

. abstract and organic digital performance

. audiovisual/digital dvd. research on abstract digital gesture.

. audiovisual performance
experimental abstract sounds/pictures