Planets positions, code - presented on the ADM XI platform from rybn.

Hades is a trading algorithm that uses its knowledge in astronomy, astrology and mythology to trade gold on the markets. Hades is the Hellenic god of the underworld (Pluto in the Roman Cult), who is also the god of Wealth, specially as the master of the underground minerals. Hades studies in real time the angle between Earth and the Pluto planet to determine if the context is favorable for trading. By using the astrological analysis of the angle developped in Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, he decides when the configuration of the planets is optimal to sell or buy onces of gold.

Hades lives on the ADM XI platform, collection of heretic, irrational and experimental operating trading algorithms, imagined by artists. These algorithms are released to compete with each other on a marketplace hosted and organized by RYBN.ORG.