Feral Bands

Performance with Pali Meursault - 2019

Radio receivers, filters, pedals

feral bands

Feral Bands, by Nicolas Montgermont and Pali Meursault, uses radio waves, and the environmental and local interferences that they carry, as the only sources for a multichannel sound performance. Relying on the serendipity of electromagnetic pick-up, the resulting concert is completely different every time and in each location it is played.

The performance relies on the radical transformations of the electromagnetic landscape. While today, important parts of the spectrum are redirected toward the massive need for digital bandwidth, we focus on what as been abandoned, such as LW frequencies, which now are left almost completely open to interferences and natural radio waves.

LIVE @ JRM Paris, 01 sep 2019

LIVE @ LA GAITÉ LYRIQUE Paris, 25 april 2019.

feral bands