Nicolas Montgermont

Say Goodbye to the Wind - Installation
Wind, sea & radio

Encagement - Installation
Radio safe zone

De-composition - Live
In-situ Synthesis

Encagement - Installation
Radio safe zone

Æther Varia - Live
Rhythmic Noise

Radio Symétrique - Installation
Autonomous radio live

Winter of Protests - Sound creation
On French Protests

Feral Bands - Radio duo
Listening to abandoned bands

Long Waves Scan - Tape
Sculpted Radio Waves

Deciban - av performance
Noise ≠ Information

Axis Mvndi - installation
Cosmic Radio Sculptures

Traversee - public installation
Vibration of an incoming tramway

Radioscapes - 12" vinyl disc
Radio recordings from 3 GHz to 30 kHz

Long Waves scan - Sound performance
Improvised radio sounds

Morphist - av performance
Metamorphosis study

Ellipses - installation sonore
Musique des sphères en temps réel

Матрёшка - MKA file
Steganographic music

Hades - astrotrading algorithm
In the ADMXI contest

Egregore - source - software edition
Digital release + distributed performance

Yi King Operators - sound performance
Using yi king as a score

Radiographie - installation
Antenna revealing waves

∏ node - installations/perf
Collective radio art laboratory

BCK - sound performance
Improvised industrial music

Sillage - installation
Seismic data wave vibration

Cosmogonie - sculpture
Slow moving agreggating matter

Egregore - av performance
Organic digital performance

Internet Topography - immersive installation
Real time topography of the web

Internet EEG - online installation
Measurment of the web activity

Flat Earth Society - vinyl disc
earth elevation data transferred to a disc

Corpus - in-situ installation
Architectural vibration performances

Vivarium - audiovisual/digital dvd
Research on abstract digital gesture

8 silences - sound performance
Silent streams travelling the web

Infinite Stream Loop - online sound project
∞ stream since 2011

+4k - sound installation
Orchester of sound repellent